The 4 Best Content Creation Tools for Instagram

There are so many content creation tools available for business owners, and it can get overwhelming. You do not need them all, and trying to find a use for all of them is something I’ve seen time and time again.

Here are the only content creation tools I use to make 30-60 pieces of content a month: 

Canva for Graphics

 is my go-to app for creating social media graphics. 

One objection I’ve heard to that is that Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and/or Illustrator are better options for content creation. 

And yes, they can produce higher quality images than Canva will, but they are expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to learn, and as far as Instagram or other social media platforms are concerned, they are good enough

If you get to a place where you are creating more than business cards and social media graphics, it may be time to look into outsourcing to a graphic designer who uses the Adobe Suite.

Lots of business owners are able to use Canva for free, but I do use Canva’s pro features.

Flick for Hashtags

 is a great app for tracking Instagram hashtag use and analyzing what is and is not working with your hashtags. 

Although hashtags are not the ultimate growth tool that they used to be, it is helpful to know what is and is not working for you. They’re also about to introduce a scheduling feature that I am excited to test out.

 Flick is a paid app, but they offer a free trial so you can see if the program is a good fit for you!

InShot for Video Editing

 is my favorite video-editing tool for social media because it is so simple to use. Any of my reels that are not attached to trending audio were edited using InShot. 

I enjoy their simple transitions that make it really easy to combine clips as well as their flat fee for permanently removing their watermark.


Outside of that one-time fee (it was under $4 when I did it), I have not yet used their pro features, but they are offered.

Facebook Creator Studio for Scheduling

Facebook Creator Studio
 is a free option for scheduling videos, stories, carousels, and standard posts on Instagram.

Here’s what I like about it: 

  • It has a desktop scheduling platform
  • You can also use it to post to Facebook
  • It is relatively straightforward to use
  • It automatically posts when you schedule (not a push notification) even for multi-photo posts

What I wish it had: 

  • Visual planning

But a lack of a visual planner is not a dealbreaker to me because your feed layout is pretty irrelevant for most businesses

It is free. 

Do you have a tool you think we should try or have a strong opinion on our list? Comment below! We’d love to hear from you.