New Client: Robert Carlyle Taylor, The First Robot President

Introducing our newest retainer consulting client!

The First Robot President is a science fiction novel that takes place more than 400 years in the future. Cars fly, the planet is overpopulated, and robots can do anything a human being can do — including run for political office!

__ Review __

I truly enjoyed this book. Although I do love science fiction, I was primarily intrigued by the politics discussed throughout the story. Taylor hits hard against the disfunction of our current political system in a way that doesn’t favor Republicans or Democrats and highlights the absurdity of how we debate and pass legislation.

Although one has to admit that our current politicians do indeed have to eat and sleep unlike our robot President, there is much to say about being qualified for a position and playing party sides rather than advancing legislation that will help people. Sound familiar? I certainly thought so.

In addition to jabbing at the American political system, Taylor also talks about key issues such as climate change, a housing crisis, basic economics within the Small Business Administration (Taylor spent his career here before writing this book), overpopulation, and religious tolerance.

I don’t want to spoil how he hits on these topics for you, but I do recommend you check them out!

His book is available as a paperback, hardcover, Kindle, AND audiobook, so your favorite reading format is definitely available. I opted for a paperback as that is how I prefer to read.

Get it on Amazon here!


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