How to Use Instagram to Get to Know Your Customers

Understanding your customer is essential for a successful business for several reasons. Still, the most important is that if you don’t understand your customer, you are unlikely to meet their needs – regardless of your industry. 

If you can’t meet their needs, they won’t come back. And without repeating and referring customers, your business will but up a creek without a paddle. 

But there’s good news! You can learn about your customers – and one great way to do so is to use Instagram.

You Can Use Instagram to Learn About Your Customers

Instagram has given us various tools we can use to learn about our customers and audience on their platform. 

Instagram Stories – A Great Way to Connect with Your Audience

Instagram stories are not only a great way to let your audience get to know you, but they are also an excellent way to get to know your audience

4 Features to Use Instagram Stories for Market Research

#1 The Poll Sticker

Poll stickers allow you to see what your audience prefers when you put two items head to head. 

One excellent method for using poll stickers for market research is doing a series of “This or That” stickers. 

Pro tip: Start easy (like coffee vs. tea or dogs vs. cats) and increase the complexity of your polls to gather more information. 

#2 The Question Sticker

The question sticker allows your audience to respond to open-ended questions. You can get more in-depth information from this sticker than any other story engagement sticker, but it is also the sticker with the highest “ask” from your audience. 

#3 The Slider Sticker

The slider sticker is a great way to measure your audience’s emotions around your product. You can use it as a sliding scale and change the emoji on the end of the slider. 

#4 The Quiz Sticker

You can use the quiz sticker to poll your audience using more than two choices. You can also use the quiz sticker to test your audience’s knowledge of your brand!

Instagram Insights – Track Your Audience

If you have a business or creator account on Instagram – which you should if you are using Instagram for business – you have access to Instagram Insights. These Insights will give you demographic information about your audience, including where they live, how old they are, and if they are male or female. 

To see the aggregate information for your followers, you have to have at least 100 followers. 

To see the information about the people you have reached, you need to have reached at least 100 people. 

To see the demographic information about the people who have engaged with your content, you need to have at least 100 engagements. 

You can look at this information to see information about the people your content is engaging. 

Conduct a Survey!

Did you know that everyone can use links in their stories now? Use it to your advantage and direct people to a survey or questionnaire. You can also use this to get insights into your audience and customers. 

Audience Research Matters

When it comes to developing a strategy that will actually help you meet your business goals, you need to understand your audience. For instance, if your audience is mainly comprised of dog people, cat jokes are less likely to resonate with them. 

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