Here’s One Underutilized Tool for Book Marketing

Do you have a sell sheet for your book? A sell sheet can help you promote your books to bookstores, consumers and the press. 

What is a Sell Sheet?

Think of your sell sheet like your elevator pitch that is written down. It is the one stop shop that should answer all of the major questions people have about your book like where they can buy it, the reviews, and awards it has won or what the book is about. 

That being said, there is so much more that goes into a sell sheet than just those elements. Download our guide to creating a sell sheet here.

How Can I Use a Sell Sheet to Promote My Book?

There are a lot of ways you can use a sell sheet. 


The most common way to use a sell sheet is to give it to booksellers when pitching your book. This will give the booksellers important information like what the book’s metadata and ISBN are as well as give them a general feel for the book and whether it is a good fit for their customers. 

Review Requests

Running a book tour? One way to give reviewers a good idea of what to expect in your book is to give them a well-developed sell sheet. This is especially important because they can decline if they don’t think they will like your book and you can avoid the bad review. There are other steps you should take to get the best reviews for your book that involve research and vetting, but that’s another topic altogether. 


Ready to pitch the press (digital or otherwise) to try to get them to cover, review, read, or promote your book? Then you will need a sell sheet as an addendum to your press release. You should also keep it live on your website or easily accessible through your social media sites so you never miss an opportunity for coverage.

Not sure what to put in your sell sheet? Download our guide!
Why Should I Make a Sell Sheet?

So I may have just added another item onto a seemingly never ending todo list and you might be asking yourself why this thing. 

Here’s why: 

All those times you were asked for a concise run through of your book, this is the answer.

You missed the bookseller and don’t have time to come back in a timely manner? Leave them the sell sheet with your book so they can learn what they need to. 

It’s a relatively simple task once you know what goes into it, so it can be a great quick win. 


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